About WITA

For over 100 years WITA has been a leading advocate for the telecommunications industry in Washington State. Our association is dedicated to providing a forum for members to share industry trends and new technologies, educate legislators and regulators, provide training opportunities for member companies, and connect vendors with members in an effort to build state of the art networks across Washington.

Together we share experiences, learn from each other, triumph over competition and partner in ways that make all of us more effective and efficient. WITA hosts an annual conference, seminars and industry training opportunities to ensure success in today’s complex and changing telecommunications environment.

Our members are experts at getting communications services into the most rural areas of our state. The vast majority of our members provide telephone and broadband services to 100% of their service areas. Together we have a successful record of influencing legislators and regulators, both in Washington State and in Washington D.C., to make rational decisions on behalf of our member companies and the customers they serve.

WITA Board of Trustees

George Henny
Whidbey Tel | June 30, 2022

Arne L. “Skip” Haynes
Rainier Connect | June 30, 2022

Kevin Kastor
Consolidated Communications | June 30, 2022

Mark Martell
RTI Pend Oreille Telephone | June 30, 2022

Steve Appelo
Wahkiakum West Telephone | June 30, 2023

Rick Buechel
Hood Canal Communications | June 30, 2023

DeeDee Kluser
Skyline Telecom, Inc. | June 30, 2023

Eric Trump
St. John Telephone Company | June 30, 2023

Dallas Filan
Pioneer Telephone Company | June 30, 2024

Rick Vitzthum
Tenino/Kalama Telephone Company | June 30, 2024

Gail Long
TDS Telecom | June 30, 2024

Russ Ramsey
Toledo Tel | June 30, 2024

James Brooks
Inland Telephone Company | June 30, 2024

WITA Officers & Executive Board

Mike Oblizalo

Gail Long
541-516-8210 | Vice President

Steve Apello
360-786-0105 | Secretary/Treasurer

Rick Vitzthum 
360-264-3155 | Past President

Dale Merten
360-864-2044 | Member at Large

Floyd Jasinski
916-786-1597 | Consolidated Communications | Member at Large

Skip Haynes
253-683-4201 | Member at Large


Betty Buckley
509-690-0530  | Executive Director

Shellie Burnham 
360-951-9658 | Member Services Coordinator

Maranda Davis
360-870-7024  | Grant Coordinator

Legislative Consultant

Richard A. Finnigan 
360-956-7001 | Legal Consultant

April Vitzthum
360-264-3155 | Bookkeeper