The following list of WITA Committees provides additional information on, and the membership of, each Committee.

Accounting Committee

This committee will identify, research, and make recommendations on general problems involving accounting procedures, requirements imposed by federal law, practice, and methods. They will develop workshops to further members' education on accounting-related matters.

Robert "RJ" DelMese, Chair
Moss Adams | 509-777-0201

James Brooks
Inland Telephone | 509-649-2211

Brooke Ogg
Hood Canal Communications | 360-898-2760

Danielle Clausen
Rainier Connect | 360-832-4130

Trish Mason
Whidbey Telecom | 360-321-0013

Denise Rappe
ToledoTel | 360-864-2029

Rick Vitzthum
Kalama Telephone Company | 360-264-3155

Philip Cappalonga
Toledo Tel | 360-864-4552

Annual Meeting Committees

The Washington and Oregon Annual Meeting Committees are charged with formulating the program, identifying program participants, composing the schedule for the annual meeting, and assisting with the coordination of presentations, events, social activities, and entertainment.


WITA/OTA Annual Meeting Committee

Joyce Nelsen, Chair
Roome Telecommunications, Inc. | 541-369-2211

Susan Allen
OTA | 503-581-7430

Betty Buckley
WITA | 509-690-0530

Brenda Crosby
Cascade Utilities | 503-630-4202 

Darrin Gross
Leonard Adams Insurance | 503-504-7619

Shane Ideus
Unitel | 402-434-7215

Gail Long
TDS Telecom | 541-516-8210

Mitchell Moore
Clear Creek Communications | 503-631-2101

Russ Ramsey 
ToledoTel | 360-864-4552

Mike Reding
MBR Training & Consulting | 503-238-1234

Nick Schneider
St. Paul Cooperative Assn. | 503-633-2111

Renee Willer
CenturyLink | 303-645-7909

Brant Wolf
OTA | 503-581-7430

Associate Member Committee

The Committee represents the Associate Members as a body and coordinates formal interaction with Active Members. The Committee nominates members to serve on the Annual Meeting, Customer Service, and Plant Committees.

Robin Anderson
Telcom Insurance Group | 360-882-6524

Mark Benson
American Power Systems | 800-395-0693

Jim Brett
Graybar | 206-669-4133

Rand Mortizky
Farmers Union Insurance/Unitel Insurance | 402-434-7268

Frank Mulhearn
Rep Com International | 503-593-8706

Shaun Plummer
Core Telecom Systems | 503-936-6552


Customer Service Committee

The Committee is responsible for developing seminars, workshops, and roundtable discussions which assist and enhance company employees' performance in the areas of customer relations, marketing, and sales.

Robin Anderson
Telcom Insurance Group | 360-882-6524

Marti DePoe
Hood Canal Communications | 360-898-2481

Amanda Singleton
Rainier Connect | 360-623-4578

Donna Wallace
ToledoTel | 360-864-4552

Teresa Zimmerman 
Tenino Telephone Company | 360-264-2915

Jessica Cooks
Whidbey Tel | 360-320-5420


Finance & Planning Committee

The committee is responisble for monitoring the financial status of the Association, and for reviewing and recommending an annual budget to the Board of Trustees and Active Members at the annual meeting.

Arne L. "Skip" Haynes 
Rainier Connect | 253-683-4201

Gail Long
TDS Telecom | 541-516-8210

Dale Merten 
ToledoTel | 360-864-2044

Rick Vitzthum 
Tenino Telephone Company | 360-264-3155 

Betty Buckley 
WITA | 509-690-0530

Chris McKnight
Whidbey Tel | 360-929-8048

Industry Issues Committee

The Committee has a dual responsibility: (1) to monitor and evaluate proposed legislation which impacts the telecommunications industry, propose strategic responses to legislation, and forward procedural and substantive recommendations to the Board of Trustees; and (2) to track and examine regulatory initiatives for their potential effect on member companies, formulate positions on regulatory initiatives, and develop and provide strategic direction to the Board of Trustees. The Committee is comprised of a representative from each of the WITA Member Companies.

Steve Appelo, Chair
Wahkiakum West Telephone | 360-786-0105


Leadership Committee

Plans and directs the annual Leadership Conference which aims to advance the mutual goals of WITA members through shared understanding and partnerships.

Kevin J. Kastor
Consolidated Communications | 936-788-7420

Steve Smith 
Whidbey Telecom | 360-341-0019

Kelle Oblizalo
Hood Canal Communications | 360-898-2481 Ext 223

Chris McKnight
Whidbey Tel | 360-929-8048

Angie Agnew
Whidbey Tel | 360-221-0052

Amanda Singleton
Rainier Connect | 360-623-4578

Dallas Filan
Pioneer Telephone | 509-549-3511

Mike Oblizalo
Hood Canal Communications | 360-898-3425 

Outside Plant Committee

The Committee is responsible for planning and conducting workshops and training sessions which assist and enhance company employee skill levels in all areas of the company.

Mike Oblizalo 
Hood Canal Communications | 360-898-3425

Aaron Nelson 
ToledoTel | 360-864-2027

Jerry Jensen
FairPoint Communicationsl | 509-962-0355

Joe Hubbard
Rainier Connect | 360-832-2069

Dave Grimm
Whidbey Tel | 360-321-0084

Jeff McCarten 
Tenino Telephone Company | 360-264-6013

Frank Mulhearn
Rep Com International | 503-593-8706

Shaun Plummer
Core Telecom Systems | 503-936-6552

Barrett Remmer
Whidbey Tel | 425-754-0085



The purpose of WITPAC is to promote and improve the effectiveness of Washington state government.

Steve Appelo
Wahkiakum West Telephone | 360-786-0105

Betty Buckley
WITA | 509-690-0530

Kevin Kastor
Consolidated Communications | 936-788-7420

Rick Buechel
Hood Canal Communications | 360-898-3995

Rick Vitzthum
Tenino Telephone Company | 360-264-3155

Donna Hilty
Whidbey Tel | 360-321-0008


The purpose of WITSA is to provide financial assistance scholarships for higher education to families of Association members. The scholarship awards are presented at the joint OTA-WITA Annual Meeting.

Kelle Oblizalo, President
Hood Canal Communications | 360-898-2481

Stefanie Peterson, Vice President 
Tenino Telephone Company | 360-264-2936

Betty Buckley, Secretary-Treasurer 
WITA | 509-690-0530


Craig Catlin 
Johnson, Stone & Pagano | 253-566-7070

Robert "RJ DelMese
Moss Adams LLP | 509-777-0201

Amanda Singleton
Rainer Connect | 360-832-6161