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WITA Week 6.15.16


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We’ve invited our Premier Associate Members to help us spotlight educational articles related to the services they provide.  Thank you Telcom Insurance Group (TIG )for being the first to respond.  If your company is a Premier Associate Member please feel free to send us any information that you feel would be of interest to our whole association.


Premier Associate Member Spotlight

We introduce to you WITA Premier Associate Member Telecom Insurance Group (TIG)!

Telcom Insurance Group is an NTCA and NTCA member-owned business insurance and risk management company, specializing in solutions for rural telecom providers and Associate members.

TIG with Great American Insurance Group has partnered to offer a Network Security Data Liability (aka Cyber) policy that addresses, from both an insurance and risk management perspective, this is important coverage for telecom companies.  It can address website publishing, cyber extortion threats, business income losses from cyber claims, public relations expense for offering credit monitoring if you have a breach, and security breach expenses. 

Click here and informative and somewhat frightening article: Cyberliability Risk Management Tips from TIG.

Contact Robin Anderson at, if you’d like more information.


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We are still offering Associate Members the opportunity to donate prizes which we will hide on the WITA website to get more people looking at our website and to give you more exposure to our members.  Who wants to be the first to donate a prize for the next newsletter and get an extra week free for the banner ad?  Please email ASAP me if you would like to donate.

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